Chili Cookoff    The annual Chili Cook-off is an event that everyone looks forward to. The bar was raised significantly as there were TEN competitors this year!

   By the time judging came around, the whole main floor smelled AMAZING! Each competitor had a little something different to offer in their Chili. From submissions that didn't have any beans in it at all, to one that had cinnamon in it, there was something for everyone.

chili judges

   The judges were tasked with an arduous job of ranking each of the submissions on Aroma, Flavor, Consistency, Texture and Overall Impression. By the end of all the rankings, our poor judges were sweating, BIG TIME!




   In the End, it was Jason that was victorious! GREAT JOB JASON!!

chili congrats  chili champion

   Along with bragging rights for the next year, Jason will recieve the coveted "Bauer Chili Champion" plaque.chili chow down1


   Once the official judging was over, the rest of the employees were invited to enjoy the fruits of labor. And they did just that!

chili chow down2