bauer groupBauer Welding is proud to announce that it has recently added a new capability to its tube fabrication arsenal by installing a new BLM Fiber Optic Tube Laser cutting machine. This is our second tube laser and brings our total laser count to four. The new technology of the fiber laser offers significant advantages when laser cutting a wider range of tube materials.  This means reflective materials such as copper and brass, aluminum, and galvanized steel become easy to cut. A considerable productivity increase is obtained on smaller thicknesses of stainless steel. The extended-length bed increases opportunities for part nesting and waste reduction. With the addition of the new laser, Bauer is poised to offer greater versatility for a wider range of customers and industries.


With a capacity up to 6.00” and a raw tube length up to 27.00’, the LT FIBER laser cutting system is characterized by the following features:

  • Fully automatic and programmable set-up
  • Fully automatic changeover in just 3 minutes
  • Optimized fiber laser technological database
  • Easy and quick programming through Artube CAD/CAM 
  • Bar management in automatic cycle from bundle, measure and cutting to orderly unloading
  • Final scrap reduction

The programming software Artube is a three-dimensional, parametric, Artube CAD-CAM package specifically designed, developed and dedicated for tube applications, which amplifies the productivity potential of the machine.

For more information on the laser, or to watch the video of the BLM Fiber Optic Tube Laser in action, click on the link below.