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At Bauer Welding & Metal Fabrication, we create precision parts from mill-run tubing and sheet metal which get cut, bent, formed, welded, coated and assembled to meet all of your unique specifications.

Bauer is a full-service supplier with an unparalleled focus on speed, quality and cost. We are a private, well-organized company with all critical functions under one roof. Our facility, located in St. Paul, Minnesota, has 5 bay shipping and receiving dock, electronic integrated inventory warehouse, an in-house engineering and tool fabrication department, interconnected quality lab and 60,000 sq ft production floor entrenched in Lean practices.

Fabrication Capabilities

We offer over 70 years of experience in tube and sheet metal fabrication with highly effective machine, including the following:

  • Fully automated fiber laser cutting machines
  • Over a dozen tube benders with CNC control, multi-head, mandrels, push/pull, tight radius, roll, coil and corkscrew bending for all metal materials, shapes and sizes.
  • Full line of tooling and equipment for tube end forming, sizing, flaring, expansion, perforation, swedging and addition of all forms of end fittings.
  • Large sheet metal presses for all forms of stamp, punch, form, draw and flatten operations.
  • Computer controlled robotic welders with automated rotating loader bed for stainless, aluminum and carbon steel precision welding.
  • The latest in metal fabrication equipment: CNC lathes, mills, presses, saws.

At Bauer, we specialize in tube fabrication. Starting with laser quality tubing, we perform every possible type of modification on all tube shapes, sizes and materials.
Bauer's sheet metal fabrication capabilities help create an all-in-one facility for full metal assembly. We offer stamping, cutting and forming operations.
As part of the Full Service Supplier (FSS) initiative, Bauer offers the service enhancement of assembling final product before shipping to the customer.