Bauer was founded on our welding skills. This remains a core competency and has developed beyond the manual MIG, TIG, plasma and brazing skills to 4 robotic MIG robotic welding cells that are equipped with head & tail stock rotary positioners to reduce costs and increase quality while adding value. All robots are CAD/CAM linked to engineering and quality departments for continuous feedback and improvement.

Post weld testing is another value addition to the process. Bauer offers 100% inspection and testing of many types such as hydraulic, pneumatic, strength and CAD overlays with the latest integrated CMM equipment.

Bauer has certified level II inspectors to perform liquid penetrant examination, in compliance with ASTM E 1417-99 specifications (Type 1 and Type II, methods A and C). Further popular certifications include AWS D1.3, D1.6 and D17.1.

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