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Bauer's sheet metal fabrication capabilities help create an all-in-one facility for full metal assembly. Starting with flat sheet stock, we have stamping, cutting and forming operations for most every design. 

Bauer was founded on our welding skills. This remains a core competency and has developed beyond the manual MIG, TIG, Plasma and Brazing skills to 4 robotic MIG robotic welding cells.
In addition to our high speed CNC production cutting machines, we have a full machine shop for development and tooling programs. Click to learn more.
Assembly of metal components can be done through weldments per design or by traditional assembly line fastening- both options are available as part of Bauer's Full Service Supplier model.
Bauer's high-speed CNC laser cutting machines cut special features. Our multi-spindle laser cutting machines to process round, square, rectangular, as well as oval tubes or sheets.
Bauer's high-speed hole punching creates holes in tubes of any size and shape with high precision and without the need for secondary flattening or deburring.