Since 1946, Bauer Welding & Metal Fabrication has been the industry leader in tube bending which has created a full complement of uniquely modified CNC benders.

We are uniquely qualified in mandrel bending, complex and tight radius bends, push/pull bending, roll bending and one, two or three position heads for multi-radius, bends and planes.  We have also mastered the art of coiling tubing along with the ability to roll form tubing into coils or corkscrew configuration.

Our CNC benders are LAN-linked to laser vector measuring equipment with closed loop feedback to adjust the benders to precision bend specifications.

We accommodate a large range of material sizes.  Our experience enables us to deal with thin-wall, lightweight exotic materials where heat transfer is critical. Furthermore, our high-capacity benders accommodate heavy, large size tubes with thick wall. Through the use of pre and post material treating, we are able to achieve bends far beyond other companies.

Additionally, we have a large inventory of bend dies/tools (over 500) that assist us in providing short turnarounds for bending jobs.

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