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Bauer Welding & Metal Fabricators, Inc.
2159 Mustang Drive
St. Paul, MN 55112 - 1591
Tel: 763.786.6025
Fax: 763.786.7447

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Duane Gillum - Sales
2159 Mustang Dr
St. Paul MN, 55112
Tel: 763.235.6130
Fax: 763.786.7447
Toll Free: 888.850.6459

  For inquiries and quotes, please submit to

  Please include the following with your inquiry or quote submittal:

             Part Print

             Annual Volume and Order Quantity

             Specifications, including inspection requirements

  Questions, please feel free to contact Tracy Schenk at 763.235.6122 



Douglas K. Bauer/President -

John Purves/Chief Operating Officer -

Sales & Marketing

Engineering/Quality Assurance

Alan Stehley/Quality Systems Manager-

Production, Operations, Materials & Inventory

Jason Brennan/Master Scheduler-

Nate Kubat/Production Manager -

Human Resources

Sheryl Neuman/Workforce Development Manager -


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